Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's suddenly happened. a big shock for me. rarely it be like this. i ask him for relationship because i know him fromm outside n' deeper. already taken. huhu. his matured guy i ever know. huhu. patience to meet him later on.
today 26.01.2011 is a happily ever day foer me, even i've missed classes coz of rain. haha. tomorrow can't wait coz will be back to KL. :)
miss them . haha.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Khaliq Zamir Maridan

its him . the person that accept me even so am i.  i luv him so damn much. a lot of story about him i'd like tyo share. i know him from one of my friend and he ask my friend "beb, nak knal ngan mmber ko, dok mana dy?" then my fren says "housemate ak n dy 19(2010) , stdy lg. name ktorg pggl dy erin, nape?" , "just nk knal jek"
the day after that he text me everyting untill we met on saturday 20.9.2010. i ask him spend time with me, look what i did everyday. on tht day he ask me to be his "fiance". haha. its a wonderful word for me that day <3 but who knew guy like him that STR8 accept me that im PLU. how? that's a Question untill he says "love is not care about who people are, its all about feel and the way it come " its really touch when he aid like that. :( almost 5month he share his life with me. a lot of dreams he wished to create with me but it doesn't work when faith show the truth, myb he's gone because of faith. he's gone on 6.11.2011. i still remember and save his msg that he sent to me.. "like i say before, even matter i do,no matter what! i promise to u to the end of my life. iluve u so much babe. u are my power! u gone i die. coz u is my life! "
omg, before i know about story that he gone im not met him around a cple of weeks, im waiting him from past 2weeks to meet me but u not come till now, ya Allah! not now but till the end. hmm, i keep our memory that we make it togetherbecause i dare to swear to god that when u're gone it make a really big shock for me. u've told me that when i'm gone,u die. i really missed n need u b..im alone to step of this life. rarely im be like this, but for me u're the most odd guy i ever knew n thats y im really appreciate when u come in ly life even a while. luve u forever n ever .

Allahyarham Khaliq Zamir B. Maridan


bosan siall kat sini even baru masok.
tp okey laa roomate ak..dorang sume sporting even they know who am i actually.
mcm2 kerenah ok kat sini.huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.masok air jek lepak ngan budak2 sini. ade yg berangan DJ laa, bajet model laa, anak mak, STRAIGHT WANNABE laa, ahaha mcm2.. huhu
but tanpa dorang xder laa kaawan2 kat sini. huhuhu. :P
   humm, byk siot asgnmnt, peraturan ketat. adoyy. rindu family. love conflict. mcm2 laa ak hadapi kat sini.
hum...x sabar nk jmp bestie ak nnt. rindu dorang. nk hug!!!
isaac,choc,comoot,eca,a'an,chubby,nurul,max.. ahhh!! nnt smbg lagi oke? :)
                   syg korang !!!

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