Saturday, January 22, 2011

Khaliq Zamir Maridan

its him . the person that accept me even so am i.  i luv him so damn much. a lot of story about him i'd like tyo share. i know him from one of my friend and he ask my friend "beb, nak knal ngan mmber ko, dok mana dy?" then my fren says "housemate ak n dy 19(2010) , stdy lg. name ktorg pggl dy erin, nape?" , "just nk knal jek"
the day after that he text me everyting untill we met on saturday 20.9.2010. i ask him spend time with me, look what i did everyday. on tht day he ask me to be his "fiance". haha. its a wonderful word for me that day <3 but who knew guy like him that STR8 accept me that im PLU. how? that's a Question untill he says "love is not care about who people are, its all about feel and the way it come " its really touch when he aid like that. :( almost 5month he share his life with me. a lot of dreams he wished to create with me but it doesn't work when faith show the truth, myb he's gone because of faith. he's gone on 6.11.2011. i still remember and save his msg that he sent to me.. "like i say before, even matter i do,no matter what! i promise to u to the end of my life. iluve u so much babe. u are my power! u gone i die. coz u is my life! "
omg, before i know about story that he gone im not met him around a cple of weeks, im waiting him from past 2weeks to meet me but u not come till now, ya Allah! not now but till the end. hmm, i keep our memory that we make it togetherbecause i dare to swear to god that when u're gone it make a really big shock for me. u've told me that when i'm gone,u die. i really missed n need u alone to step of this life. rarely im be like this, but for me u're the most odd guy i ever knew n thats y im really appreciate when u come in ly life even a while. luve u forever n ever .

Allahyarham Khaliq Zamir B. Maridan

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  1. "love is not care about who people are, its all about feel and the way it come " credit to Allahyarham Khaliq Zamir B. Maridan ... Al-Fatehah... mmg touching dowh!! well like ur quote "u're gone i die" ehhehhe....